St. John the Baptist "German Games"



Saturday, June 23, 2018 following 8 AM Mass
5567 Gildehaus Rd, Villa Ridge, MO 63089


the Challenge

5 Decisive Individual Competitions and 5 Team Events

Root Beer Stein Race


Arm Wrestling

6 Glasses of Root Beer
2 Hands
Relay Adventure
"Sticky as it gets"
13th Century-style Longbow
one bull's eye at which to aim
any questions?

A Call to Arms

The New and the Old

Year Two
The Team events are a real way to show your spirit and support your cause together.  The most notorious event is probably the "German Ninja Warrior."  This is an ancient test of mental and physical agility that has been passed on from one generation of german ninjas to another for a really really long time.
There will be many kinds of sausages to taste and enjoy in this celebration of St. John the Baptist's Birthday.  
St. John the Baptist did not drink German Beer....or any beer....but we believe that he is worth commemorating with the best taste possible!